Upcoming Online Workshops

The Value of Forecasting

Keeping your Cashflow strong during tough times

August 27th, 2020 – 13:00 – 13:45 GMT

Better before Bigger 

Get the basics of Management Reporting working for your success

 September 17th, 2020 – 10:00 – 11:00 GMT

A business cash flow forecast does not predict the future, but it will give you vital business intelligence to help you scenario-plan, search for cost-savings and look for strategies that will preserve your cashflow.

A strong Cashflow is the fuel for your business engine driving you and your business to success.

Projecting your Cashflow pipeline forwards during a crisis is vital. ReignSupreme are doing an online webinar to provide you with an overview of to keep your Cashflow strong during these tough times caused by Covid19.

Who is it for? Any small business owner who wants to improve their business.


Most small businesses engage an accountant to complete their annual accounts and are used to receiving Financial Report.

However, they do not go beyond this financial snapshot which is historical data (in most cases do not know what the numbers mean and are afraid to ask)

You should go beyond the numbers at least every month by using management reports.

ReignSupreme are doing an online workshop to help small business understand the benefits of management reporting and how to create a unique reporting for their business including embedding it in their business process.

Who is it for? Any small business owner who wants more from their accounting than just year-end reporting

Why attend?

  • Gain an overview of cash controls
  • Best practices on how to map out your current business position
  • Identify key priorities for your business
  • Tips on embedding a process of regular forecasting
  • Ideas on how to safeguard your cashflow
  • Pro-active costs controls
  • AND Generally – THIS WORKSHOP IS 100% FREE

Why attend?

  • Gain an insight into how management reporting can benefit your business
  • Tips on how to control costs & maximise profits
  • Tips on identifying business opportunities which leads to business growth
  • Learn the different types of financial and business related KPI’s you can utilise in your business.
  • Generate ideas of how you can measure these priorities regularly
  • Tips on setting up your accounting records to support the financial info for measuring your KPIs.
  • See examples of management reporting dashboards