Profit vs cash

Do you understand the difference between profit and cash? Are you improving your profits but not seeing an improvement in your bank balance? We can help you increase both your profit and your cash! #CashIsKing #GetInTouch #FinancialAwareness

What’s your money story?

What story have you told yourself about money? For some, money means freedom and opportunity; for others, it evokes feelings of stress and lack of control. We can help you rewrite your money story so you can achieve #FinancialFreedom

Setting KPIs and measuring performance

Do you know which startup metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to track? We’ll help you set up a custom KPI dashboard to manage the future path of your business


Using forecasting to help your decision-making

A crystal ball would be handy in business. Good-quality forecasting can be just as useful, giving you an informed view of the future of your business and finances.
#forecasting #business

5 ways to improve your cashflow

When cashflow dries up, business problems start to multiply – so keep that cash flowing with these five simple strategies.
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Deductible home-office expenses

Are you working exclusively from home? Talk to us and we’ll help you calculate what can (and can’t) be claimed, and what the impact will be on your annual tax bill.
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