Taking out cash for Directors vs Soletraders

If you’ve just moved from being a sole trader to a director, you may get caught out when withdrawing cash from the business. The rules are different. We’ll help you tick all the right boxes and keep your finances compliant.


How much time should you spend on strategy?

We see people, who are excellent at what they do, work tirelessly in their businesses while neglecting their strategy. Spending 1% of your work time (or 20 hours a year) on recalibrating your business is key for #Efficiency #Growth #Sanity #WeCanHelp

Let’s reflect and reset

2022 was another hard year, and to be honest, nobody is anticipating an epic 2023. No matter what happens, there are always peaks throughout the year. Spend time reflecting on the year that was and resetting for 2023… what goals will you be smashing?